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Hilton To Dubai Mall
May 3, 2015

In November of last year I traveled on a fabulous trip to Dubai with my sister. We went for a one week holiday where we stayed at the marvelous Hilton Hotel in Al Hamra Beach. The weather was perfect for relaxing on the beach during the day and for shopping during the cool evenings. In this post I will share some photos from when we took a day trip from the hotel in Al Hamra Beach to Dubai city to check out the amazing Dubai Mall! I hope you enjoy the photos as much as I did being a part of them. :p

Leaving Hilton in the morning.

Hilton To Dubai Mall
Road trip time! Dubai Mall was about a 90 minute car ride from the hotel.

Hilton To Dubai Mall
On our way there I saw a bit different sights compared to when I am on the road here in Sweden. ;-)

Hilton To Dubai Mall
Almost there! That giant building there was Burj Khalifa - the tallest building in the world. Burj Khalifa is 828 meters tall and has 164 floors - wow!

Hilton To Dubai Mall
Arrived at Dubai Mall - the largest mall in the world!

Hilton To Dubai Mall
A beautiful welcome.

Hilton To Dubai Mall
Time to enter!

Hilton To Dubai Mall
Not only did Dubai Mall hold over 1 200 shops, it also offered lots of other spectacular fun things to do!

Hilton To Dubai Mall
Like checking out this enormous fish tank!

Hilton To Dubai Mall
Impressing indeed!

Hilton To Dubai Mall
Not sure I would want this in my fish tank though! :o

Hilton To Dubai Mall
Skate's on the other hand, they look so adorable - like they are always smiling.

Hilton To Dubai Mall
The aquarium was definitely one of the most popular attractions in Dubai Mall.

Hilton To Dubai Mall
And if you wanted to take an even closer look you could enter here, for a fee of course.

Hilton To Dubai Mall
I, however, was more curious to check out the rest of the mall.

Hilton To Dubai Mall
But where to start?

Hilton To Dubai MallHilton To Dubai Mall
Hilton To Dubai MallHilton To Dubai Mall
Well, these are three of those 1 200 shops and the Souk - filled with jewelry and gold.

Hilton To Dubai Mall
And a mega lollipop shop!

Hilton To Dubai Mall
Another stunning sight I observed in the mall was this cool water fall!

Hilton To Dubai MallHilton To Dubai Mall
Really, modern art or history lessons - whatever you preferred Dubai Mall had it! Awesome!

Hilton To Dubai Mall
No wonder time flew by quickly in there! So after spending an entire day inside Dubai Mall, it was as time to head back to the hotel.

Hilton To Dubai Mall
Unfortunately, not with one of those...

Hilton To Dubai Mall
...the bus worked just fine for me (but maybe one day). Lol! ;-)

Hilton To Dubai Mall
Good Bye!

Hilton To Dubai Mall
And hello again Hilton. :-)

Though I did not shop many things at Dubai mall, I did buy a very expensive hand bag! Only in Dubai would that happen! Lol! ;p


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