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The Very Nice Nissi Beach In Photos
September 16, 2014

This time last year I was in the beautiful Ayia Napa in Cyprus. One of the many stunning beaches I visited while I was there was the legendary Nissi Beach. I call it legendary because I had heard a lot it being a very popular party beach, night and day, in Cyprus. Now I did not stay there until sun down, but it definitely was a popular beach during the day. Lots of flirting going on and party pamphlets handed out. So I am sure everything I had heard about it it night time were true as well. ;-)

But back to the very nice Nissi Beach. Today I thought I would share some of stunning views I managed to capture with my camera during my visit there. Below is the very nice Nissi Beach In Photos:

The Very Nice Nissi Beach In Photos
Here I go.

The Very Nice Nissi Beach In Photos
Popular indeed. :-)

The Very Nice Nissi Beach In Photos
Time to soak in the sun.

The Very Nice Nissi Beach In Photos
And take a swim in that glorious ocean!

The Very Nice Nissi Beach In Photos

The Very Nice Nissi Beach In Photos
Ahhh! Need I say more? :p


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Cheap Trip: 3 Travel Tips For The Most Affordable Trip Ever
May 30, 2014

Cheap Trip: 3 Travel Tips For The Most Affordable Trip Ever

The World Tourism Organization recently documented that international tourism generated $1.4 trillion in export earnings. The data also showed that the rise of low-cost airlines aided the sudden surge of tourism, with tourists taking advantage of cheaper travel costs and other discounted services.

Look for a free lodging abroad

Using the power of the internet, connecting to hospitality exchange websites such as CouchSurfing to look for possible hosts can be a variable that might lower the cost of your vacation significantly. Aside from getting free lodging during your overseas trip, you can also get to know locals who are also fond of frequent traveling.

Be wary of airline promos and discounts

While some airfare promos can cut your airfare by up to 50 percent, some discounts can actually increase the overall cost with hidden add-ons. These bogus promos may reduce the cost of tickets initially, but put a premium on other fees such as fuel surcharges, travel tax, processing fees, and various other charges. According to Parking 4 less, some renowned airlines charge passengers with hidden fees that can inflate your bill by more than you can imagine. In a blog post titled Beware of cheap flight extra costs, airliners can get away with charging more through booking fees, credit card usage fees, hand luggage fees and seat reservation fees. Before paying your bill, make sure that your final airline fare is free from these charges—or you’ll end up paying more. And, what's of paramount importance is that you always check the small print.

Use a guidebook

Travel guides like the Lonely Planet and Rough Guides are handy tools when traveling. Guidebooks, which you can easily pick up at any bookstore, can provide travelers with detailed information regarding things such as places to visit, things to do, and the local cuisines. Renowned travel author Rick Steves advised adventurers to pick up a guidebook whenever possible. "Guidebooks are $20 tools for $3,000 experiences. Saving money by not buying one is penny-wise and pound-foolish. An up-to-date guidebook pays for itself on your first day in Europe," he said.

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The Very Nice Nissi Beach In Photos
Cheap Trip: 3 Travel Tips For The Most Affordable Trip Ever
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