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Ayia Napa Clubbing Holidays 2013: Top 5 Itinerary Fillers
May 6, 2013

Before we get into the nitty gritty of the immensity that is Ayia Napa itinerary fillers… have you booked your break? Spring is upon us, people, and the later your leave it the more likely you are to miss out on a mega session in the sun. Top tip, number one? Book with the meisters of madness, Club 18-30, have a tinkle online for the best deals: http://www.club18-30.com/ayia-napa-cyprus.

The good thing about booking with a reputable clubbing holiday company is that there will ALWAYS be a party oracle on hand to make sure you do Ayia Napa so right, it’s wrong.

1. Glow Party

This is the big un, lads and lasses. Held at Blue Moon, you’re pretty much heading underground to get your rave on. Neon and plenty of UVA are absolutely compulsory, and don’t forget it.

2. The Linekers Boat Party

Everyone loves the Linekers. It’s up there with the best boat parties going. Not only do you have the opportunity to chillax offshore and bronze your bits, unlike many other parties of its kind, Linekers presents party peeps a 3.5 hour free bar for those hardcore holidaying hooligans.

3. Geek Chic

This has got to be the biggest trend going right now. Pack your bow ties, specs and suspenders and prepare to do your thang to some clubbing classics.

4. Naparazzi

Get ready for some serious strip hitting with the barmiest army of clubbing kings and queens that ever did live. Also includes entry into a freakin’ amazing foam party.

5. Silent Arena

It’s an oldie, but it’s a bloomin’ funny goody. Silent Arena, you know the score, two DJs battle it out to win over the dance floor, while you wear headphones and pick your playlist.

Get on iiiiiiiit! Ayia Napa clubbing holidays 2013, what the bloomin’ ‘eck are you waitin’ for?

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