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Merry Travel Experiences 2013
December 24, 2013

Year 2013 has been an unusually slow travel year for me, which is mainly due to the fact that I started a brand new full time job earlier this year. However, I have been able to add one more country to my list of countries I have visited in the world - the beautiful island of Cyprus. The second country I visited this year was lovely Germany. Actually, when I think about it, I have not even traveled around my home country Sweden that much this year - yikes! So one thing I definitely must do more of next year is to travel. :p

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A Bordershop Express Trip To Puttgarden, Germany    My Experience At the Olympic Lagoon Resort In Ayia Napa, Cyprus 

Now usually in December here in Sweden it is pretty cold outside and some years we have even had snow in time for Christmas here in Southern Sweden too. However this year the Swedish winter has turned out to be quite mild. Therefore I have had a hard time to get into that proper Christmas spirit mood. Because...

Merry Travel Experiences 2013
...although I have celebrated Christmas abroad in warm weather, like here in Miami, USA, 2011.

Merry Travel Experiences 2013
I do associate Christmas with cold temperatures and snow, like in this pic. Sweden wintertime 2010.

Merry Travel Experiences 2013
But either way, my doggy Lisen and I want to wish you all a Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays from Sweden! No matter if you celebrate it in warm or cold weather. ;-)

Merry Travel Experiences 2013
And here's to more traveling in 2014 for us all! Cheeers!! :p


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Merry Travel Experiences 2013
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