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Perfect Portugal
May 20, 2013

Europe offers some of the most amazing holiday destinations anywhere in the world, but we take them for granted as they are on our doorstep. The Greek islands and coastlines of Spain can rival many exotic vacations, especially if you pick the more exclusive resorts. However, when it comes to Portugal holidays, this is one hotspot that's right at the front of the pack - and it's not hard to see why.

Portugal is a beautiful country nestled against the west border of Spain. It offers some amazing holiday resorts with superb hotels surrounded by beautiful coastlines, silky soft sand and clear turquoise seas, all baked under a hot summer sun. It’s understandable why so many people love this country.

Depending on the sort of holiday you want to have will depend on which resort you travel to. The beautiful relaxed beaches of the Algarve welcomes tourists and offers a relaxed sunbathers' paradise, where as the bustling city of Lisbon invites those that want to explore and soak up the history as well as the sun.

If that tickles your fancy, booking Portugal holidays is pretty straightforward. Travel agents such as Thomas Cook will be able to offer a range of resorts that can cater to holidaymakers from all walks of life, and accommodate all types of budget. You can choose from self-catering apartments to villas of various sizes, or go for a more relaxed way of living, by opting for a catered hotel on a full-board or all inclusive basis.

Aside from room only and self-catering, the main hotel boards are half, full or all inclusive. This offers you either just the breakfast, all of your meals, or all meals and drinks included - depending on how you intend to spend your time in Portugal. If you plan to explore and travel out and about each day then it would be wise to take the self catering option, likewise if you will be staying poolside then full board or all inclusive will usually be the most cost efficient option.

So, which perfect Portuguese escape suits you?

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